Interesting Facts about Plumbing

A Reputable Plumbing Service Provider Talks about Things That You May Have Not Heard Before

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Since plumbing is our life, we try to learn about new methods, improved techniques, and advanced plumbing services all the time. In our research, we stumbled upon a lot of interesting facts about plumbing that we didn’t know.

Some of them are in the list below.

Plumber soldering copper pipes

  • A manhole cover is circular because this way, if it flips over, it won’t fall through its own opening.
  • The first fire sprinkler was invented by a British called William Congreve. He drilled holes in a pipe which he installed on a ceiling. The pipe was connected to a water source through a valve. In case of fire, someone had to open the external valve.
  • Insulating your plumbing pipes can significantly reduce the loss of heat. This means you will get hot water at the faucet faster, and you’ll pay less money on energy bills.
  • In 1938, Al Moen invented the single-handle faucet that controls cold and hot water in just one turn.
  • There are two types of plungers: sink plunger and toilet plungers. The sink ones are flat at the bottom, while the toilet plungers are narrow so that they can fit into the toilet.
  • There is a myth going around that water drains in different direction in the Southern hemisphere than in the Northern hemisphere. It is not true. Water drains in both direction, regardless of the hemisphere you’re into.
  • If your faucet drips twice per minute, you’ll waste one gallon of water in one week.

We hope you find these things interesting. More of them may come in our future blogs. Until then, if you need a professional plumbing service provider, call us at (361) 855-4253.

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